Twist bicycle concept

Twist Bicycle Concept

Twist bicycle concept is designed by Spanish designer José Hurtado, which looks like any other modern bike with its minimal features and high-tech design.

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Human pencil Sculptures

Pencilism – Human Pencil Sculptures

Pencilism, Human Pencil Sculptures are made out of pencils, which are designed by Miami based artist Federico Uribe from Bogota, Columbia. These insane pencil sculptures are made from zip ties and pencils.

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Eggshell carvings

Eggshell Carvings Art by Gary LeMaster

Eggshell carvings is created by artist Gary LeMaster. He uses delicate dental tools powered by an air compressor which vacuums shell dust as he carves.

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ade Jr

iCade Controller for iPhone & iPod touch

iCade Jr is a controller for iPhone & iPad, iCade Jr is specially designed cradle ensures safe loading and unloading of your iPhone or iPod touch

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BioLite Stove

BioLite Stove

BioLite Stove is designed to make cooking on wood as clean, safe and easy as modern fuels while generating electricity to charge phones, lights and other electronics off-grid.

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Camper Bike

Camper Bike by Kevin Cyr

Camper Bike is created by Kevin Cyr. You can see it is A home on three wheels.

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2013 Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

2013 Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

Hennessey Performance will the Spyder version of Venom GT. They will build just five units for the 2013 model year, two have already been ordered. The price is about a cool US$1.1 million.

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Google London Office 1

Google London Office

Those are the Google London Office, where more than 350 engineers based in the heart of Victoria are beavering away to create the “next big thing”.

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Sway rocking chair

Sway Rocking Chair by Markus Krauss

Sway rocking chair is desigee by Markus Krauss, which comes with steel rack and padded seat.

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Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS

Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS

Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS is four-door, 4-seat convertible using a Corvette chassis and engine. It was developed by Dutch students Emile Pop and Justin de Boer in 2007.

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