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Kandenchi wireless mouse

By administrator in | November 29, 2011 | (0) Comments

This a wireless mouse in the picture, it is designed by the Japanese design studio Nendo collaboration with PC and AV accessories company elecom.

Kandenchi wireless mouse is based on its own rechargeable nature. The positive terminal functions as the left-click button, while the scrolling wheel and right-click button are found on the side of the mouse.

This mouse is deviant from the usual tech products, It has been created to increase portability, allowing for vertical use in more limited work spaces such as during one’s travels on a plane or train etc. A detachable mini-USB cable allows users to plug the mouse into a mobile phone or other electronic devices for recharging, just like an ordinary battery.

The Kendenchi wireless mouse suggests a $65 retail price. We have to admit that it’s a fascinating piece of hardware.

Kandenchi WIRELESS mouse Kandenchi wireless mouse
kandenchi mouse full view Kandenchi wireless mouse

pixel Kandenchi wireless mouse


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