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Nendo Orime Mouse

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Orime Mouse is designed with the aid of Nendo, which one of Japan’s top creative talent.

Orime Mouse is a wireless laser mouse that has some parallels with a Nighthawk Stealth Fighter aircraft. The mouse has a five-button, origami-style structure that blends traditional ideas with a quasi-science fiction imagination, formed as though by folding a piece of paper, the orime mouse fits comfortably into the hand.

The Elecom Nendo Orime computer mouse comes in 4 colors: black, red, silver, and white. Fans of the F117 Nighthawk will probably choose the black, while white is the choice for plain paper Origami junkies.

Orime Mouse gry Nendo Orime Mouse
Orime Mouse red Nendo Orime Mouse
Orime Mouse Nendo Orime Mouse

pixel Nendo Orime Mouse

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