Hello Kitty eva air plane

Taiwan Hello Kitty Eva Air Plane

Taiwan based airlines wanted to pay tribute to Hello Kitty with an entire plane. EVA launched a campaign together with Sanrio to create the “Hello Kitty Jet”.

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vice versa clock

Vice Versa Digital Clock

Vice Versa is designed by Yiran Qian from China. The digital wall clocks being gadget geeks, it inclusion of a digital interface on the hands.

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Facebook Bed Fbed

Facebook Bed Fbed

The FBed Concept is designed by Deviantom, it is Inspired by the Facebook Logo. We can see it is perfect for Facebook fans.

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spring rice package design by green in hand

Green In Hand Rice package design

Those rice package is desiged by Green In Hand Food Band, which is a taiwanese company. They unites its sustainable approach to traditional chinese farming practices and its simple but attentive aesthetic.

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Nike Lunar Eclipse+ 2 Spring 2012 white

Nike Lunar Eclipse+ 2 Spring 2012

Nike has released the new Two colors in the Lunar Eclipse + 2 and a blacked out Free Runner. The shoes to satisfy your long distance and shorter training needs.

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Book Surgeon by Brian Dettmer 2

Book Surgeon by Brian Dettmer

These amazing Carved Book is created by artist Brian Dettmer. He is originally from Chicago, where he studied at Columbia College.

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Celluon Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

Celluon Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Laser Keyboard is a revolutionary accessory for Iphone, Ipad, Smartphone, PDA, MAC & Tablet PC.

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Orime Mouse gry

Nendo Orime Mouse

Orime Mouse is designed with the aid of Nendo, which one of Japan’s top creative talent.

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i am watch

I’m watch smartwatch

I’m watch is the first real smartwatch of the world.

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Killspencer Zebrawood iPhone 4 Veil

Killspencer Zebrawood iPhone 4 veil

Killspencer Zebrawood iPhone 4 veil is a beautiful new West American Zebrawood veil for the iPhone 4. It was designed, developed and handcrafted in Los Angeles.

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