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Peking Opear, Chinese Culture

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With its fascinating and artistic accompanying music, singing and costumes, the Peking Opera is China’s national opera. Full of Chinese cultural facts, the opera presents the audience with an encyclopedia of Chinese culture, as well as unfolding stories, beautiful paintings, exquisite costumes, graceful gestures and martial arts. Since Peking Opera enjoys a higher reputation than other local operas, almost every province in China has more than one Peking Opera troupes. Opera is so popular among Chinese people, especially seniors, that even “Peking Opera Month” has been declared.

Beijing Opera is the most significant of all operas in China, and it has a richness of repertoire, great number of artists and audiences, that give it a profound influence in China and plays a large role in Chinese culture.

There are four main components to the Chinese Opera; Dan, Sheng, Jing and Chou.  Dan is the female component of Chinese Opera, Sheng represents the male, Chou is the comedic part of the act, and Jing means the painted face.

The types of facial make-ups in Beijing Opera are rich and various, depicting different characters and remarkable images, therefore they are highly appreciated. Moreover there are numerous fixed editions of facial

Chinese Opera Painted Face2 Peking Opear, Chinese CultureChinese Opera 2 Peking Opear, Chinese Cultureguifeizuijiu Peking Opear, Chinese CultureChinese Opera Painted Face 3 Peking Opear, Chinese Culturejingju xieyaohuan renwujuzhao Peking Opear, Chinese Culturemei hou wang Peking Opear, Chinese Culture

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