Human pencil Sculptures

Pencilism – Human Pencil Sculptures

Pencilism, Human Pencil Sculptures are made out of pencils, which are designed by Miami based artist Federico Uribe from Bogota, Columbia. These insane pencil sculptures are made from zip ties and pencils.

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Eggshell carvings

Eggshell Carvings Art by Gary LeMaster

Eggshell carvings is created by artist Gary LeMaster. He uses delicate dental tools powered by an air compressor which vacuums shell dust as he carves.

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bread shoes

Bread Shoes

The shoes needs no pressing, dries itself. Because every pair is unique and comes with a best suitable hand-picked cardboard box.

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Magazine Cover Pillowcase

Magazine Cover Pillowcase

This Magazine Cover Pillowcase is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Available as the following magazines Time, Vogue, Playboy, and Esquire.

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HAYDANHUYA Handmade Wood Collection

HAYDANHUYA Handmade Wood Collection

HAYDANHUYA presents their handmade wood collection. Featured are very limited quantities of handmade messenger style bags

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Nike ZF-1 Golden Snowboard Boots

Complete Technique Nike ZF-1 Golden Snowboard Boots

This is the Complete Technique Nike ZF-1 American Eagle Snowboard golden boots. It was designed by a Japanese art forms.

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Piet Side Tables

Hugo Passos Piet Side Tables

Piet Side Tables is designed by Hugo Passos, the price is about $300 USD.

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Micropod Compact Room

These pictures are Micropod, which is a small garden studio, furtures only 2.5 x 2.0m. The price is around £10,890.

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Koolaburra Elena Wedge Heel in Chestnut

Koolaburra Elena Wedge Heel in Chestnut

The Koolaburra Elena Wedge Heel in Chestnut is sale on the price $319, it is from leather with a suede exterior and a hidden platform wedge heel.

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