Cartier Pocket Watch for SIHH 2012

SIHH 2012 Cartier Pocket Watch

French manufacturer Cartier has continued its high luxury status. At the SIHH 2012 Cartier will expose an enchanting skeletonized pocket view inspired from its 1930′s pocket watch.

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Google London Office 1

Google London Office

Those are the Google London Office, where more than 350 engineers based in the heart of Victoria are beavering away to create the “next big thing”.

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Hello Kitty eva air plane

Taiwan Hello Kitty Eva Air Plane

Taiwan based airlines wanted to pay tribute to Hello Kitty with an entire plane. EVA launched a campaign together with Sanrio to create the “Hello Kitty Jet”.

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Book Surgeon by Brian Dettmer 2

Book Surgeon by Brian Dettmer

These amazing Carved Book is created by artist Brian Dettmer. He is originally from Chicago, where he studied at Columbia College.

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Dior Homme 18-Carat Gold Shades

Dior Homme 18-Carat Gold Shades Limited Edition

Dior Homme 18-Carat Gold Shades is handmade in specialized Japanese ateliers.It will only be sale 30 unit in the world.

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Chipkos Flip Flops

David Palmer Chipkos Flips Flops

David Palmer Chipkos is the world’s most expensive Pair of Flips Flops. It is one-of-a-kind collector’s piece is hand painted by renowned Los Angeles contemporary artist, David Palmer.

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Faralli Mazzanti Evantra

F&M Evantra supercar

Faralli & Mazzanti is Italian automaker, recent they unveiled the Evantra Surpercar, which is mid-engined supercar.

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Moon Hugby Tshirt 1

Moon Hugby T-shirt

This Moon Hugby T-shirt is designed by R.Gegen Noviara. The price is $12.

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01M OneMoment Biodegradable Shoe Concept

01M OneMoment Biodegradable Shoe Concept

01M OneMoment shoe is made from 100% biodegradable raw materials. It was born in Spain this year.

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Alessandro Couture 2012 Color Wedding Dresses 2

2012 Alessandro Couture Color Wedding Dresses

The red wedding dresses 2012 is design by Alessandro Couture. It is bridal collection for your nice inspiration.

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