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ZIIIRO Celeste Watch

By administrator in | December 1, 2011 | (0) Comments

The 2011 Christmas is coming, what do you want to send the gift to you friend? Now I will show u the ZIIIRO Celeste Watch. It comes from Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, which is a natural light display observed at night particularly in the polar regions.

Displaying the time on Gravity and Mercury was performed using a combination of two swirls (hour and minute). What we are experimenting on Aurora is to reduce both swirls into a single element without taking away any functionality from the watch.

Hour indicator is on the bottom layer uses a 100% to 0% blue gradient and the Minute indicator uses a 100% to 0% yellow gradient. Overlapping both layers create a color mixing result thus producing an ever changing clock face color! It allows the user to learn a new way of interpreting time by understanding mixture of different colors.
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